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NTI Appliance
Are You Sometimes "Headachy"?
Or Do You Suffer From Tension, Or Even Migraine Headaches?
Have We Got A Miracle For You!

You may have heard Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America discuss this on TV lately. It's the new miracle that can eliminate most of your headaches - even migraines. In fact, this little miracle is approved by the FDA specifically for prevention of migraine headaches.

It's a very simple little appliance that clips onto your upper or lower front teeth. You comfortably wear it while you sleep. It has been proven to relax the muscles and reduce the majority of your headaches, and make any headaches you do get much less severe.

If you frequently feel headachy, or even if you have sever headaches, we can help change your life! Take the Headache Quiz below or call our office.

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